How do you assess the efficacy of your marketing programs?           Do you need to spend more in consumer franchise building activities or should you focus on immediate toplines?        Is your distribution network working for you?           Do you have the right channel partners?        Is your sales force adequately trained and motivated?     How do you put in place strategies to counter the dominant player’s aggressive market moves?           Do you have a business case sound enough for investors to fund your start up?           Should you scale up through Franchisees or company owned  stores?           What MIS/Business Intelligence do you need to track your customer behaviour?             How should you manage the economics of customer acquisition, stickiness and ensure an enduring customer life time value? Do you have the appropriate metrics to measure these?           How can you construct loyalty programs that are unique, low-cost and non-replicable?


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"Action springs not from thought, but from a readiness for responsibility" …. Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Good businesses evolve.

Organisations must decide on existing in ecosystems that foster the transition process needed for evolving. Agencies, Advisory services, Alliance partners and the like are all potential components of such an ecosystem. However, in practice, agencies and alliance partners must answer to their own business priorities and may not add value which is beyond their scope of deliverables. The concern regarding advisory services has mainly been in the very definition of the services, i.e., that they are advisory. Most organisations who welcome transition need much more than advice – they need implementation or, at the very least, guidance in implementation.

The genesis of Ideaction is based on this very truth. We believe in ‘delivering strategy’. The team at Ideaction has over 75 years of collective experience across various sectors and functions. Between them, they have worked for large and medium, MNC and Indian companies. As a result, their insights are based on hands on experience and are, therefore, a blend of practical and conceptual excellence.

Management Team


Sanjay Sharma

Vijay Malla

Nitin Khedkar


       Sanjay Sharma

Sanjay Sharma brings to the board over 27 years of rich and varied experience across FMCG, Retail, Loyalty and the Online space. He has 18 years of experience with giant FMCG companies like Geoffrey Manners, Procter and Gamble, Boots, Parle Products Ltd. and Warner Lambert. His other assignments comprise market leaders such as Nimbus and Venture Infotek.

His achievements span a broad variety of profiles & portfolios.

During his tenure at Parle Products Sanjay introduced brand and profit–center management systems, which resulted in a 110% increase in profit volumes. This was achieved through reallocation of resources based on product portfolio and variant decisions. Sales of the biscuit and confectionery business grew by over 40% during his tenure. At Boots, Sanjay helped set up a consumer product sales and distribution network as against the then existing pharmaceutical system,  and significantly increased the gross margins of the important brands managed by him. The  profit volumes of brands handled by him grew by  50% over two years.

In this tenure with Procter and Gamble he launched variants to increase penetration levels of the anti-acne business. A judicious SKU-mix pricing strategy and concomitant changes in the brand positioning led to an increased gross profit margin on anti-acne business from 52% to 70%. He also introduced an available research model to test the effectiveness of creative executions.

Sanjay, as his other associates, has worked with large MNC and Indian companies as well as with medium scale and start up organizations. This has resulted in his having an effective blend of international best practices, management of growth/change, strategy formulation and implementation under resource constraints. He has been in senior/top management for over 15 years and has also been on the Board of Directors. This has allowed him to get an early sensitization of shareholder expectations and entrepreneurial thinking.

His recent consulting experience pans the markets of healthcare/wellness retail, loyalty and online gaming.

His educational qualifications include a degree in B.A. (Economics) Hons. from Elphinstone College – Bombay University and a Masters of Management Studies (MMS) Degree from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management – Bombay University.

    Vijay Malla

Vijay has over 27 years of rich experience in the FMCG industry and has had exposure to multiple product categories. Starting with UNION CARBIDE (Eveready) in Sales, he moved rapidly up to head a region, a zone and finally Country Head sales and marketing of a leading edible oil company. In addition to his vast FMCG sales and distribution experience, he has headed the management of a unique multi merchant loyalty program for Venture Infotek Private Limited, India’s leading transaction processing company and also for its associate company.

Vijay is also considered an accomplished industry expert in the commodity industry covering areas of procurement, pricing, sales and distribution. During his assignment with Recon Oil Industries Ltd, he was instrumental in increasing the turnover by 250% in a matter of 3 years through aggressive sales and distribution practices, brand building and a strong focus on execution.

A natural entrepreneur, Vijay shaped up his dream and commenced his successful consulting career, working closely with a wide range of industries such as Paints, Hardware, Edible oil, Cosmetics, Rubber,  neighbourhood Retail, amongst others. His key strength is that he contributes significantly towards improving business results. His salient contributions are in the area of Processes relating to Sales and Distribution, Supply Chain, MIS and HR. In addition to these he has given valuable input in  Resource Competence Development and Channel management which has had a direct and significant impact on operating results.

Vijay brings with him a razor sharp focus on execution of business processes, solid experience of sales and distribution and strong relationships with channel members across the country. He is an inspiring leader with outstanding people management skills.

Vijay has done his Masters from IIT Kharagpur.


    Nitin Khedkar

A Chartered Accountant by early education and profession, Nitin has come a long way in his 21 years of varied experience. Nitin started off as a practicing Chartered Accountant for large corporates in his earlier years, then made a bold move to get into a management career. He was exposed to very influential responsibilities at an early stage in his association with Bobcards, where he singly prepared an analysis of profitability of the Payment Card industry. His ability to ‘think business’ led him to other assignments comprising operations control for Transaction Processing, Risk Management, Systems and Processes in addition to financial functions. Moreover, Nitin has made significant contributions to helping develop the IT function, undertaking and supervising Project Management, generating tight SLA’s/contracts and  developing MIS.

His last assignment was in Retail, where, as a Senior Vice-President,  he was key in setting up a retail business in the Home Entertainment space. In a short time span he successfully traversed the distance from handling Finance, Systems and IT to handling logistics and inventory management in a consumer facing business.

His key achievements include setting up accounting systems for a Member of Bombay stock exchange, enabling Payment Card Industry (PCI) data security, managing the transition to EMV acquiring certification, doing the due diligence for acquiring a company, implementation of a system for collection management, designing and implementing billing, inventory and reporting systems for retail, creating and managing low cost forward/reverse logistics for neighborhood retail, to name a few.

Nitin is an arduous professional who thinks like a businessman. He has the ability to implement as he conceives. Speed, pragmatism and effectiveness in outcomes are his core operating values.

He is also a Graduate member of Institute of Cost & Works Accountants of India (ICWA)



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