How do you assess the efficacy of your marketing programs?           Do you need to spend more in consumer franchise building activities or should you focus on immediate toplines?        Is your distribution network working for you?           Do you have the right channel partners?        Is your sales force adequately trained and motivated?     How do you put in place strategies to counter the dominant player’s aggressive market moves?           Do you have a business case sound enough for investors to fund your start up?           Should you scale up through Franchisees or company owned  stores?           What MIS/Business Intelligence do you need to track your customer behaviour?             How should you manage the economics of customer acquisition, stickiness and ensure an enduring customer life time value? Do you have the appropriate metrics to measure these?           How can you construct loyalty programs that are unique, low-cost and non-replicable?


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“Good ideas are common - what's uncommon are people who'll work hard enough to bring them about” ….  Ashleigh Brilliant

                                      Loyalty Programs

  • Helping structure and create loyalty programs

    • Single brand/company

    • Coalition

    • Exchange Based affiliation with other loyalty programs

  • MIS and Business Intelligence for behaviour analysis

    • Stickiness vs. Churn diagnostics

    • MIS and Business

    • Customised, low-cost and targeted promotions

    • Customer behaviour modification stimuli generation

  • Helping build co-promotional alliances

  • Executing the program








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